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Grace Worship Center Men of Faith


 Chairman: Deacon Robert Reed

Vice-Chairman: Deacon Floyd Jones  

Treasurer: Brother Benjamin Stephenson

Secretary: Deacon Aaron Tumlin

Assistant Secretary:

Chaplain: Deacon Tim Knox


  • The primary goal: Make Disciples
  • Our primary goal for GWC Men's Ministry is to make men into disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Our means: Proclaim, Teach, Heal and Send
  • Proclaim - Share the Good News of Jesus Christ, calling men to make a personal commitment to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior
  • Teach - Encourage and help men to grow to full maturity in Christ
  • Heal - Be agents of healing in the lives of men
  • Send - Empower, equip and send men to do the work of ministry
  • Spiritual maturity
  • Fasting & Prayer Time
  • Developing church leadership (Both in the local church and district)
  • Attending Council/District Brotherhood Activities
  • Create opportunities for fellowship
  • Support and aid the GWC congregation 
Note: We plan on offering a wide variety of programs that attempt to address the many needs of the men of this congregation.


                                    GWC Men’s Ministry 2017 Meeting Calendar







Saturday Morning

7 Jan at 09:00 AM

Saturday Morning

4 Feb at 09:00 AM

Saturday Morning

4 Mar at 9:00 AM

Saturday Morning

1 Apr at 09:00 AM


6 May at 9:00 AM

Saturday Morning

3 Jun at 09:00 AM







Saturday Morning

1 Jul at 09:00 AM

Saturday Morning

5 Aug at 09:00 AM

Saturday Morning

2 Sep at 09:00 AM

Prayer Breakfast

7 Oct at 09:00 AM

Saturday Morning

4 Nov at 09:00 AM

Saturday Morning

2 Dec at 09:00 AM


“It’s the path you take; the steps you make that make you who you are.   It’s the life you live, the gifts you give, the love that’s in your heart.  

Just try to do the best you can to be a better man. You don’t have to walk on water…it's how you walk on land” Jason Crabb

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Men of Faith Prayer Breakfast
Men of Faith Prayer Breakfast

MoF Breakfast Photo Album June 2015

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